Saturday, April 29, 2006

In other news

First off, I'd like to give mad props to my dawg, Ayatollah Mugsy, for offering to officiate at my parents' wedding. That was cool, man.

- Tyler

Yes, great Ayatollah, thank you for your thoughtfulness. However, we do have an officiant selected and paid. She is non-denominational and has a "Goddess Bless" bumper sticker on her car. Yay!

Thank you for your nice comments on the shoes. I am dying to post pics of the dress, but can't because Marcos (fiance) reads this blog too. He ain't seeing the dress until the big day.

Oh, and the date is August 19th. Then we'll go back to our jobs for a few days before departing for a week in Maui! Tyler will stay with his grandma, and Simone will stay here at the house with someone coming in to feed and pet him daily.

Tyler promises to help me update this blog more regularly. Things have been so hectic. Mom is bringing Zoey this morning, so we'll be pugsitting today. That girl is a handful! She's so sweet, and yet she has this vacuum cleaner side that goes around inhaling everything that doesn't eat her first. Last night? Mom left her alone for a minute or less, only to discover she had ingested four credit card receipts.

Reminds me of a certain bun who shall remain nameless.


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