Thursday, August 18, 2005

Why I usually avoid caffeine

I am going to scream because I have all these Subpoenas with accompanying documents to send out by the end of the day. I gave my boss the drafts at lunch time, it is 3:30 now and he still hasn’t even LOOKED at them! He wants them out today. I am not staying until 7pm tonight. My new motto is: I am trying to do better about being on time, and I refuse to get home at 7pm more than once a week. He probably assumes I’ll be here late tonight because I usually stay way after we close. But I can't do it tonight - too much at home to do!

I kind of nudged him about the Subpoenas an hour ago, and he said “I’ll look at them” but he’s been talking to other attorneys or on the phone ever since! He’s going to give me those Subpoenas at 4:45 with a bunch of corrections, and there is no way I’ll get all the corrections and copies made and get them in the envelopes with certified mail receipts at a decent time.

To be fair, I work at a great place with wonderful people. My bosses are amazingly generous and kind, and they are letting me go to grad school part time and adjust my schedule. So I can’t really complain. But sheesh! Can’t he stop joking around with the attorneys and get to those Subpoenas? Ten minutes of his time can keep me from having to spend an extra two hours here tonight. Grrrrr!!!!!

The cup of coffee I drank this morning is not helping with frustration tolerance. But alas, I did drink the coffee and its effects are being felt. Everything must go my way, and NOW, or else!


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