Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Jumping through hoops

Okay, my back or some area connected to it has been hurting for several days. It began in my neck and moved down into my shoulders. Now those places are fine, but my middle back is having horrible burning sensations and aches. It is pretty consistent throughout the day. This morning, it was bad enough I actually stayed awake after the alarm went off, and even 800 mg of Ibuprofen does not touch this.


I just called the chiropractic office and the earliest time available is Friday at 7am. She said I could pay $35 upfront or try to turn it in on my insurance, but if the insurance doesn’t pay, they’ll charge me extra fees in addition to the $35 because of all the “hoops” they have to go through with paperwork. (This would make my visit about $100 if the insurance denied it, which she insists it will.) I don’t think that’s right. And it doesn’t make sense to me that they charge the insurance company differently than me either. This clinic has always had "fishy" insurance tactics, and I have not trusted them since they told me my insurance would not pay for anymore visits, when my insurance company said otherwise.

So the chiropractor's wife said I could come in today if I can make it before 2:30 (which gives my bosses all of 20 minutes notice). And that if I plan on "making her do the insurance paperwork" (her polite choice of words) I better get there a little earlier.

This woman just irks me to no end. What a bitch! A very RUDE bitch. Yes, I realize there are more enlightened ways to respond, but I am quite angry about this. I’m not going back there. Ever again. EVER.


Blogger Mike said...

Wow...not a good way to run a business.Can't say I blame for you not returning.

2:30 PM  

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