Friday, May 04, 2012

A Tale of Four Pricks

Yesterday, I finally got the trigger point injections I had been hoping for.  They were not half as painful as the cortisone shots I had in the wrist and shoulder.  The doc said it's because muscle tissue is less sensitive than the immediate area around a joint.  Two sets were given: one in the upper trapezius muscles, and another in the upper neck.  Afterward, I had a vagal response and became very lightheaded, but knew from past experience to just sit down and let it pass before trying to drive to work.

Last night, went for a massage and was able to relax in spite of my shoulders and neck feeling bruised. 

Since about midday yesterday, my pain level has remained pretty high.  It's partially the fibro, and partially from being poked with needles yesterday.  Hopefully, both of those will subside and the treatment will help.


Blogger Hank said...

Honey....from the title o' yer post I thought you was talkin' 'bout that Obama fella, Tom Brady, Kyle Bush, an' Howard Stern!

Anyhoo.....hope yer doin' okay.

Thanks fer checkin' into my blog.

9:40 PM  
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