Friday, May 12, 2006

How mean!

The former assistant of Old Boss called my place of employment today. He has since gone into private practice. Occasionally our paths cross and he comments how glad he is to be out from under Old Boss's thumb, and how it's nice to not be treated like an animal anymore.

Let's call this person Old Associate. He called to speak with an attorney here and, after recognizing his voice,I said hello to him. He said, “oh, I remember you. Yes, I go over to Old Boss's office once in awhile and occasionally you are the topic of conversation. While I would not say we remember you fondly, we do remember that (slows down his voice and puts forth extra emphasis) you did a good job." Did I add that his tone was condescending as hell? He quickly added that after all the horrible legal assistants who had been in my position, I had been an improvement.

Oh yes, yes I remember clearly and vividly all the colorful, cruel things said about the legal assistant before me, and before her, etc. and some of them only lasted two days. There's a reason for that, people!

Let's brush that aside since, after all, I don't deal with that crap anymore. But the interaction was weird because 1) Old Associate has been a lot nicer since he left there; and 2) We have run into one another several times since we both quit - but he really made it sound like we hadn't! Maybe he is hanging around at Old Boss’s office a bit too much. Seriously, what was the POINT in saying that unless it was to be spiteful? It's not like I asked if they ever talk about me. It's not like it's necessary to share this information. And what have I done to Old Associate? Why is he being such a dip wad?

Chalking this up to another reminder of why I left there, and to be thankful for the stacks upon stacks of dictation covering my desk today. I am really lucky to have gotten out of that hell and into a place such as this one.

That's right! You tell 'em, Mama. *snort*
- Tyler


Blogger Jorge Gajardo Rojas said...

I am a Vet but I prefer your face to Pug.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Puggyspice said...

*blushes* Gracias. Although I question the sanity of anyone who prefers a human face to a smooshy pug face.

4:23 PM  
Blogger Louis the Pug said...

Yeah, no kiddin... look at this grill. I'm as good lookin' as they get, yo!

10:24 AM  

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