Friday, May 26, 2006

Whole lotta pug

Tyler: Great news, y'all!

My folks are takin' me to a meetup. I've been to some very small meetups, but there will be around 10 pugs at this one! It's in the morning before it gets hot outside, and we'll be in a fenced in yard. You know what that means? NO LEASH!

This is gonna rock. Right, Mom?

Puggyspice: Of course! You and Zoey are going to have such a great time.

Tyler: What are you talkin' about? Zoey's not coming.

Puggyspice: Yes she is, your grandma is bringing her! Then your dad is going to take you both home to play together while grandma and I go shopping.

Tyler: No.
*pitiful stare*

Nooooo. Thought you guys loved me.
Why you gotta bring her?

Puggyspice: Tyler! Be nice. She's your cousin. And besides, you always act like she gets on your nerves, but when she walks away you just go back for more.

Tyler: What's that got to do with anyth...

Puggyspice: SHUSH!

Tyler: Okay, fine.
Geez! Someone better get you off that pill 'cuz it's not making you any sweeter.

Puggyspice: Grrrrr. Yet another instance of your cuteness saving you! Anyway, check out these pics. Do you remember these pugs from the meetup last year?

Tyler: Yeah! That's Daisy giving me a kiss.

Tyler: This is a really cute pup named Zoey. And it's not my cousin either. My silly cousin wasn't even born yet!

Tyler: Here I am playing with Max.

Tyler: Max's tongue hangs out so far because he is a survivor of heat stroke.

Tyler: Scruffy's folks made him dress like a bunny. Mom said I don't have to wear a costume 'cause I look so good "au natural."

Puggyspice: And no pug meetup is complete without...

Tyler: THE END!


Blogger Zeus said...

Hey there! I found your blog through a commet posted on The Monsters' blog. You pugs are adorable! My human pet actually has been thinking of adding a pug to our family, but I have put my paw down. Maybe if I read more of your blog, I can learn to accept your puggish ways. (However, I think the human pet may be learning more to a bulldog now...which sounds frightening - half bull, half dog...) I can't wait to read more!

3:59 PM  

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