Friday, January 19, 2007

Guess what we got yesterday

First snow of this season!!!!! Yay!

Tyler's feet got a bit cold.

So did his cousin Zoey.

But that didn't stop them from leaving cute little prints all over the deck :-)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Tyler and me thank you

Wow. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all the purrrayers and good thoughts sent to Tyler. This means a lot to him and to me. It seems to be helping him also.

Tyler went for x-rays a couple days ago and nothing significant was found. The vet recommended we keep him on the anti-inflammatory med (Deramaxx) for a couple of weeks because he could have a sore muscle, nerve or joint which would not show up in an x-ray, and he didn't think the condition was urgent to warrant doing an MRI at this point.

The following morning, Tyler seemed a lot better. Normally when the medication wore off, he would stop walking. Now he seems okay when the meds have worn off. So that is progress, right? We have kept him on the medication a couple more days, but my husband wants to take him off the medicine. His theory is that Tyler doesn't need the meds any longer than absolutely necessary. I am not sure. It seems like the inflammation could return and stopping the meds now could be too soon. However, I am willing to give it a trial run this weekend, to see how Tyler acts without the med for a longer time frame, and also if he is *able* to feel pain, he might be less inclined to run and jump and damage whatever is healing.

What are your thoughts? Should anti-inflammatories be continued after the symptoms subside? Or should they be stopped as early as possible?

In the meantime, I went home for lunch yesterday and Tyler begged politely for food. When I finished eating, he brought a toy and wanted to be chased. The spring and curl are returning to his tail. Although I'm scared to say he's out of the woods, he definitely seems to be improving.

Your comments and prayers have meant so much. I cannot thank you enough! Any suggestions or advice about the meds or symptoms, if you have thoughts on this, would be welcomed too.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My sweet boy does not feel well...

Tyler has been acting strangely since the end of last week. Thursday night he awoke and was pacing the floor. Friday morning, he did the same thing. Then he seemed fine for a bit, but when I came after work and tried walking him, he would barely move. He laid down in the road and huddled into a ball. He had to be carried home. When I brought him inside and called the vet, he crawled under our Christmas tree and laid down against the wall. He acts like he is in severe pain, and when he stands he arches his back and is afraid to move.

The vet saw him and gave him anti-inflammatory drugs, and said to give this ten days because he could have an injury or degeneration of a disc in his neck or upper back. The medicine works VERY well, but wears off hours before we can give another dose. During the 4- 5 hours he feels bad each day, he can barely move. He is clearly in pain. This is not like Tyler. It is heartbreaking to see him like this. I am worried to tears for him, and really scared of what this could be. It is like his spirit is completely broken when he is hurting.

Please send healing thoughts and/or prayers for Tyler. Hopefully it is something that can be treated. Thanks to much internet research and pondering of worst case scenarios, I have cried almost non-stop the past few hours, and a lot over the weekend and am pretty much a basketcase over this. Tyler is too young to have to deal with anything serious, and we haven't had nearly enough time with him. He has to be okay. Please let him be okay.