Saturday, July 23, 2005

Tyler's First Post

Yeah, this is cool. I like excursions. Say, haven't I been here before?

Now I remember. *gulp*

You meanie. You messed with my toes and my hiney glands.

And you! You told my mom to feed me less.

Alas, the itchy ears are the result of an infection. Not a bug bite like my mom had suspected.

Can I go home now? Oh thank you ... THANK YOU!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Tyler the Tenacious!

Most work days, Tyler likes to lay in bed with me while I hit snooze repeatedly. But Tuesday I got up immediately. He followed me into the bathroom and laid down, flat on the floor and looked up at me with a pitiful expression while I relieved my bladder. You probably had to be there to really see how cute that was. (I'm kind of glad you weren't there.)


On the other hand, he wasn’t cute last night when he kept scratching the door. I’d take him out, in the lightning and rain, and he would not potty. Soon as we came back in, he scratched the door. So I took him out and walked him to the cul de sac, and he would not do anything but stand in the road and stare blankly at me. Then we got inside, and he scratched the door again. Meanwhile the sky was ablaze with lightning, and our satellite has lost its signal because of the weather. So I wasn't too thrilled to keep going outside, knowing that any second I could turn into a strip of fried bacon on the pavement and be eaten by my dog.

Oh, he knew what he was doing! He wanted his nightly walk. He has come to expect this and will hold in his poop until we do what he wants. But every time, he holds it longer and longer. We didn’t want to walk him in the storm last night, but we did. And the whole time we were out there, he didn’t even squat! Grrrrr…. Then we got back to our part of the street and he pooped.

He's REALLY lucky he's so cute.


Maybe all the antics Tyler has pulled make us love him more than we would have otherwise. Lately his overall behavior has been better, but as with most pugs, his stubbornness is a trait for life.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


A very disturbing tale.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Hopefully everyone had a nice Independence Day celebration, in whatever way you chose to celebrate. We went to a winery and sampled a lot of good, fruity nectar. These three now have a place on the wine rack at home (temporarily, of course):

Horse Stomp Red
The taste and aroma of raspberries is loud and clear when it's blended with White Zinfandel. Try this with dark chocolate!

Peden White
This peach-flavored Chardonnay is a hit with the summer sippin' crowd because it's lighter (only 8% alcohol) and refreshing. The aroma is so big, you'd almost expect to find peach fuzz on the wine glass!

Bonny Black
This dark, rich, flavorful blend of black currants and Merlot makes a wonderfully full-bodied sweet wine. To the Scotch-Irish folks who first settled in this part of North Carolina, the word "bonny" means good.

Later, after partially recovering from headaches, we took Tyler out to see fireworks. He enjoyed the excursion, but was startled by the popping and crackling in the sky. Poor little man. I tried to cover his ears, but that seemed to irritate him even more. Most of the time he just sat on his dad's lap, an intrigued, yet anxious expression upon his smooshy little face.